Here be short descriptions of Len Bakerloo and his ever-increasing cast of characters.

Len Bakerloo: The nominal author of this mess.

Mr. Sherlock Holmes: The world’s greatest consulting detective who was born in 1791 and had an early career as a mathematician. He is alive to this day due to the fact that in his late 1920’s he learned the secret of eternal youth. Sadly, in 1982 when his consulting practice dried up he began a career in finance and he began ageing again.

Dr. John Watson: Sherlock Holmes disclosed the secret of eternal youth to Dr. Watson when they first met in the 1850’s and he also stopped aging. In 1982 when the two of them broke up Watson became a very successful writer of speeches, books, and screenplays (although never under his own name). Watson reunited with Holmes at 221b Baker Street in London in 2015 after 33 years apart.

Professor Moriarty: Mathematics Professor James Moriarty learned the secret of youth from Holmes in the early 1800’s and has since gone on to be the world’s most infamous consulting criminal.

Irene Adler: Irene was a beautiful young mathematician who is to this day the only woman he has loved. Of course, he shared the secret with her too.

Ms. Hudson: The current Ms. Hudson is a famous actress who is a descendant of Watson and Holmes’ landlady from their earlier stories.

Arthur Conan Doyle: A fictional character created by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Once Sherlock and the other characters firmly established as mythical beings then their immortality was no longer suspicious. At that point Doyle could be dispensed with.

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