Donald Trump will resign so he can run for two more terms


Dateline: 1/19/2019, 10:32 AM EST

CNN reports that an official says that Trump plans to make Democrats an offer to end shutdown, not declare national emergency.

In a Len Bakerloo exclusive, we have learned that he will:

  • Resign. By ending his term one day shy of two years he will be allowed to run for two more years.
  • Announce his candidacy for President in 2020 as an independent.
  • Be pardoned by the new Mike Pence of all crimes, past, present and future.

An official who wants to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want to be fired over Twitter says, “The President has no interest in being President. He is only interested in running for President. He wants to run as an independent because he knows that he will never fool the majority of the electorate he can count on 34% of the electorate to remain in a trance state for two more years.”

The official concluded by saying, “Of course, the President is known for going off script so what he actually does is anyone’s guess. But that’s the plan.”



In August of 2016 I will be presenting a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival called (Cut the Bullshit) Len Bakerloo Speaks Truth to Power in which I teach people how to stand up to bullshit. I did a preview in New York that was reviewed by Jacquelyn Claire in the NY Theatre Guide. Because she got some things wrong this is an opportunity to show you how its done.

I have no formal training in acting but I have a lot of experience having my work reviewed. Most of my training is in mathematics and computer science and we get used to having our proofs and code reviewed in excruciating detail that would drive the average playwright to despair. And yet you get to appreciate your critic and debugger because a single false premise in a proof or misplaced comma in code can have catastrophic consequences.

Between 1982 and 2014 I worked on Wall Street where I got used to dealing with bozos who could make a $100 million investment decisions based on prior agendas and first impressions without any research and very little thought. Now that I’m getting to meet some actors and playwrights just starting out it feels like some of them are having to deal with similar issues. A poor review can make someone feel like giving up even though many critics are bullshitters or bullies who shouldn’t be feared but stood up to instead. This is about how to do that. But first… Continue reading STAND UP TO CRITICS