Sherlock Holmes

Reader-Participation Sherlock Holmes Stories
by Len Bakerloo

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FrontCoverIrregulars5x8Available Now

More than 100 years ago Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson learned the secret of eternal life. However, something went wrong in 1982 and they began aging. Now their time is running out. In Calling All Irregulars they ask their trusty band of misfits to join the battle for truth and justice against the news media under the influence of the evil Professor Moriarty, who only cares about page views and profits.

The second in Len Bakerloo’s Worthless Newspaper series was to be called A Shot Across the Bow, but his dear friend A. Karma Flitit went missing and so he is trying to find her.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, Sherlock received a mysterious book that led him to believe something sinister was going on.  To help solve this case, please read: The Case of the Radically Open Secret Society.

Only after the mystery of the book and Karma’s disappearance is solved, Sherlock and his friends will continue their investigation of whether newspapers are worth more than they cost.