Terms: Sherlock would like you to consider these definitions


  • Hypothesis – A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. Example: “Newspapers are worthless.” This is a hypothesis – a statement intended to provoke further investigation, not necessarily a statement of fact. Because Holmes is particular about the use of words, pay attention to the word “worthless” below.
  • Case – An investigation of a hypothesis. For example, The Case of the Worthless Newspapers is an investigation into the value of newspapers. The Case of the Radically Open Secret Society is an investigation into the possible existence of a secret society that anyone can join but is not well known.
  • Adventure – A story of excitement and intrigue. It usually has suspenseful elements but isn’t an investigation of a hypothesis per se. An example is the Adventure of the Noble Purpose that is ongoing but not ready for publication.
  • BS Irregular – Someone on Sherlock’s team that helps with his cases
  • BS Regular – Team Scotland Yard
  • Accidental Irregular – A BS Irregular who doesn’t know it yet
  • Statement – an assertion that may or may not be true
  • Fact – a true statement
  • Evidence – something supporting the assertion that a statement is a fact
  • Annotate – write notes in the margin
  • Investigation Annotation – Posts that advance an investigation of the topic.
  • “Look At Me” Annotation – Posts designed to get the reader to pay attention to the author.
  • LAME – Look At Me Editorializer, as in: Don’t be LAME.
  • Worthless – Worth zero or less, e.g. car worth $20,000 costs $24,000 = -$4,000.

NEWS TERMS useful when discussing The Case of the Worthless Newspapers

  • Event – A thing that happens.
  • Now – The only time when anything happens.
  • Report – A record of data related to an event.
  • Reporter – One who produces reports.
  • Storyteller – A person who takes reports and creates stories.
  • Journalist – A storyteller who values immediacy and marketability.
  • News – A first rough draft of history.
  • Narrative – A collection of stories used to make sense of the world.
  • History – A recorded narrative.
  • Historian – A person who makes sense of the world.