1 January 2016

Sherlock’s friend A. Karma Flitit has gone missing.
He needs you to help save her.

The Case of the
Radically Open Secret Society


Here be Len Bakerloo when he’s not thinking.
Feel free to join him when you’re not thinking.

BakerlooProfileRumor has it Len Bakerloo is a pen name for Brooke Allen. That is just a rumor but if you want something more factual then fork your way over to my (our?) About page. If you wish to continue to live in a semi-fantasy world then drop through to the next line of code.

Len Bakerloo says that he is a ghostwriter for Dr. John Watson. However, Dr. Watson disputes this and claims that he is the sole author writing under the pen name Len Bakerloo.

Sherlock Holmes believes that to find the truth you must eliminate the impossible and what is left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. When asked to comment on who wrote the book, he said, “I cannot eliminate the possibility that one of those two is telling the truth although obviously they both can’t be right so therefore I admit I don’t know.”

“The only thing I can say with certainty,” Sherlock continued, “is that I am a fictional character used as a plot device to teach some important lessons about taking personal responsibility for finding the truth. I also suggest some tools useful to those people who are more interested in solving problems than complaining about them.”

Life is full of mysteries and Len Bakerloo books contains lots of them that are left as an exercise for the reader.

FrontCoverIrregulars5x8Click HERE

More than 100 years ago Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson learned the secret of eternal life. This explains how they were able to fight crimes and pursue justice for more than a century without seeming to age.

By 1982 people had stopped caring about learning the truth. Without consulting clients, Holmes transformed himself into a hedge fund manager making rich people richer, and Dr. Watson became a speech writer for many of the world’s most influential people.

They assumed new identities and for three decades they lived separate lives as they became wealthy beyond measure. However, they began to age rapidly and in the fall of 2015 Holmes rented 221b Baker Street where he hoped to live out his final days. They reunited just as Holmes was about to apply the “seven percent solution” to his problems. But then a cryptic message arrived that sent the pair on their final adventure.

Now their time is running out. In Calling All Irregulars they ask their trusty band of misfits to join the battle for truth and justice against the news media under the influence of the evil Professor Moriarty, who only cares about page views and profits.

This book includes more than 45 puzzles that you can solve. Some are so easy that they will take only a few minutes and others might require dozens of people to collaborate for weeks or longer. Instructions are provided for how you can follow the progress of your fellow “Irregulars” as you become a consulting detective just like Sherlock Holmes.