What is Bullshit: Bullshit is different from the lie in that the liars know the truth because they are trying to keep it from you whereas bullshitters care only about persuading you and advancing their agenda.

What is Bullshit Review: This is a  highly subjective evaluation of resources that can help you minimize the effects of bullshit on your life. Ratings are as follows:

***** TOTAL BULLSHIT: Not to be missed
***** LOAD OF BULLSHIT: Well worth your time
***** MOSTLY BULLSHIT: More than 50% worthy examples of bullshit.
***** MANURE: More like fertilizer than bullshit.
***** ENLIGHTENED: Worthless for the study of bullshit.


Cut the Bullshit Game (*****) This is a game played between two people, a Bullshitter and a Bullshittee.  The bullshitter’s goal is to tell a story that is true in most of its details but that contains one Load of Bullshit. It is the Bullshittee’s goal to figure out what is the truth and what is the Load of Bullshit. To read the instructions for the Bullshitter click on the card to enlarge it. Get your hands on an actual playing card to learn what it says on the other side.


On Bullshit (****) This 1995 book is by Harry G. Frankfurter, professor emeritus of philosophy at Princeton. In it he attempts to create moral theory of bullshit and discusses a related concept called humbug. The book is written as only an academic can and as you read it you cannot help but feel that he is pulling your leg. But, when you get done, you realize that he has a lot to say. Goodreads reviews are here and you can find a pdf the original essay on which the book is published here.

CTB(Cut the Bullshit) Len Bakerloo Speaks Truth to Power (*****) This 50-minute performance by our own Len Bakerloo shows the audience that the most dangerous bullshit is the bullshit you believe because it is the hardest to recognize (because you believe it) and because it is what others will believe too. You can contact Len Bakerloo through his agent (Brooke@BrookeAllen.com) if you want to schedule his presentation at your event, or  you can catch him at the Edinburgh Fringe in August, 2016. Click on the image of more details.

IrrationalityIrrationality: The enemy within (*) This wonderful book helps you understand all the ways you might think and act irrationality and therefore, while very useful in helping you avoid believing or spewing bullshit, it isn’t very useful in the study of bullshit itself. One interesting note, the sub-title “The enemy within” was used in the original edition in the U. K. but dropped in the edition for the U. S. A. market because Americans are convinced that only other people are irrational but not them. That is, by the way, total bullshit.

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